Five leadership lessons for business transformation

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  • 120 senior executives share lessons learned from implementing transformation infinitives
  • The research identifies five challenges which are the basis for Business Transformation Leadership Framework
  • This paper digs into the key risk factors for business transformation and approaches for tackling these
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Major transformation initiatives promise break-through benefits but the journey can be painful. To understand what leaders can do to make transformation programmes less stressful and more successful we approached 120 senior executives for their insights.

The research identified 5 leadership challenges that you should focus on throughout your business transformation initiative. This is our Business Transformation Leadership Framework.

Senior executives scored their most significant transformation initiative against this leadership framework. Their personal experiences provide the Leadership Lessons to help you replicate success and avoid common pitfalls.

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The five leadership challenges of business transformation

Managing the paradox of business case optimism

Managing the paradox of business case Optimism

“Of all the business cases in the many companies I’ve either been Chief Executive or Chairman, where they’ve gone through all the process to the Board, I can’t remember one that ever delivered what was on the nameplate.”


Judging organisational readiness and impact

Judging organisational readiness and impact

“I find that most proposals haven’t considered the implications for adjacent systems and processes. Then you end up with project over-runs and you’re into more money than you’d originally planned. I kicked proposals back for that more than any other reason.”


Ensuring dissenting opinions are heard

Ensuring dissenting opinions are heard

“Making sure you hear those voices means going and finding the right combination of stakeholders and some real dissenters. You know, the Ian Paisley’s, the no-nay-nevers. You get them in that room so you hear that voice. Because otherwise you do get groupthink.”

-Head of Transformation

Creating a genuine partnership with key suppliers

Creating a genuine partnership with key suppliers

“Vendors need to be able to walk in our shoes rather than just push technology. They need to be able to see things from our perspective as well. That’s how a vendor becomes a partner - it makes a big difference.”

-Enterprise Architect

Managing the emotional marathon

Managing the emotional marathon

“You can become over-focused on a programme. You actually live and breathe the whole thing yourself. When it’s going badly, you’re going badly, and when it’s going well, you’re going well. You take on the personality of the stage of the programme you’re in. And that makes it very, very tough.”


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